The black dragon crawled into a cavern on the mountain with a blue gem in his hands as a purple and black dragon swept across the mountain

Chapter 1: The crowd

I woke up with by falling of my bed and i could hear dragons shouting at each other outside my cave. I got to my feet and walked out of my cave still half asleep. Once i got to the top of the mountain the whole village was in the meeting place shouting and pushing each other, "EVERY ONE CALM DOWN" the elder dragon of the village said which was my grandpa. I walked to a random dragon at the back of the crowd "whats going on" i said "didn't you hear the storm gem has been stolen and now the whole village is going crazy" the dragon said "what the storm gem"i shouted, the storm gem was a powerful gem and every year the storm dragons (are village are the storm dragons) will use the storm gem to make the most powerful storm of the whole year to water the plants (we do this on a day called new years storm) and without the storm gem we cant make the most powerful storm to water the plants and help the village, and new years storm is in 2 weeks.

Chapter 2:(WIP)